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Malaysian Singing in Balcony During Coronavirus Lockdown

Watch Malaysians Singing From Balcony During Covid-19 MCO

Since the Movement Control Order took effect on 18th March, many Malaysians are staying indoor to keep themselves from the recent Coronavirus outbreak that is currently happening in Malaysia and across the globe.

It’s not a complete lockdown in Malaysia but social distancing. Malaysians are responsible for other people’s health too, so we have to stay at home to battle this pandemic virus outbreak together in Malaysia.

Similar to what has happened in Italy after some videos have gone viral, showing an Italian DJ spinning dance music and musicians playing instruments and singing together.

Let’s check out the video shared by Shauna Joan, who is staying just a few blocks of the apartment. The video showed the residents were singing along to the patriotic song ‘Saya Anak Malaysia’. The video has been shared more than 16k and receives positive comments.

Stay at home, be safe and stay hydrated all the time, peeps. Stay home and enjoy the moment on Netflix by watching some of the Netflix best post-apocalyptic TV series & movies.

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