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Star Wars Wars

Watch All 6 Star Wars Films At Once, Epic Combination!

Marcus Rosentrater, the Atlanta-based filmmaker and senior animator responsible for the TV series Archer, has taken it upon himself to see how all six Star Wars films compare. The trick? Watching them all simultaneously. In “Star Wars Wars”, Rosentrater overlaps every single full-length film on top of one another for a mind-bending look into the series. Prepare yourself. It’s actually far more entertaining than the train wreck it seems like it’s meant to be. Source – Nerdist

Star Wars Wars includes all 6 Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars – Harmy Despecialized
Empire Strikes Back – Harmy Despecialized
Return of the Jedi – Harmy Despecialized
The Phantom Menace – Bluray
Attack of the Clones – Bluray
Revenge of the Sith – Bluray

6 Star Wars Films Still Image When Combined


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