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Singaporean Woman Hitting Sales Girls

Singaporean Woman Went Enrage Attacking Sales Girls

The video of a lady making a scene at an optical store that gone viral on social media have reached over 4 million views and 130k shares.

The video which outraged thousand of viewers online shows a woman yelling vulgar words, threatening everyone and started hitting the sales girls at an optical store.

The yelling are so loud it grabbed attention of other shoppers as well. The woman went enraged like a charging bull, cursing, pointing fingers at passersby who are trying to help and hitting the sales girls even behind the counter without a known reason.

As no one know why the incident happen and why she get angry with the girls, if you watched carefully, the video also she dropped her black bracelet while hitting the girls and was yelling them to get it from a room in the shop. Later the guards and a few passersby was there to calm her down but no luck in helping the situation at all.

At the end of the video, even with the bracelet returned to her and she still continued with her vulgarity and blaming for keeping her bracelet in the shop, what a shame, it was her own fault for hitting the girls and accidentally dropped it!

Below are some of the comments about the incident

It’s funny how this women is called an Indian… For most of the year they are a Singaporean citizen… Craziness has no race or religion !! She is just plain crazy and must be dragged to the police for asaulting” – Anand Subramanian

As l review and review tis at first she was wearing then after hitting the lady she drop her bracelet she pick up and hold it but Y she go into the room” – Stacy Choo

Don’t even understand what’s she talking about lol all I Heard was her yelling. If I were the girl I will punch her back right on her face” – Muthu Kei

Wow. I believe the mall was to hot and like the man with red bag, u need to cool down. He other guy was getting ready to slap the heat out of her scary ass. OMG. She need to smoke some weed or THC.” – John Lam

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