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Pikotaro Sesame Street

Pikotaro Sing CBCC With Elmo & Cookie Monster on Sesame Street

Japanese comedian Pikotaro is back and this time he made a special appearance on Sesame Street. What happen when Pikotaro collaborates with Elmo & Cookie Monster? Dressed up in his usual leopard spot long sleeve and scarf, lets check out their cute PPAP version of CBCC Cookie Butter Choco Cookie.

PPAP is a single release by Pikotaro and his music video went viral with over 80 million views on Youtube, instantly became popular around the world. The song also reached #1 on Billboard Japan Top 100 and become the shortest single on Billboard Hot 100 world chart.

PIKOTARO & Sesame Street's Elmo、Cookie

PIKO太郎的PPAP確定唱到紅白啦!傳出NHK已內定紅白歌合戰 特別企劃單元將邀請今年同樣以"洗腦歌"爆紅的PIKO太郎、搞笑雙人組東方收音機主導的RADIO FISH一起演出;兩組都是紅白初登場。
大家應該還記得2015年12月配信發行的「Perfect Human」走紅大半年的盛況,沒想到PIKO太郎更成為世界性的現象、與打入美國告示牌排行榜、金氏世界紀錄認證、日本年度流行語入選等紀錄,也是廣告爭先合作的對象(如影片與芝麻街Elmo、Cookie Monster),紅白的邀請也算錦上添花。

Posted by 日本音樂王道 on Friday, November 18, 2016

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