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Tara The Android

Creepy Robot Singing ‘I Feel Fantastic’

While watching Sophia AI robot on Youtube, I accidentally stumbled upon this creepy robot singing ‘I Feel Fantastic’. Posted by CreepyBlog, the robot was dressed in a grey sweater and with blond hair and sing repeatedly in the 2 minutes long clip along with creepy background music and some random backyard showing in the video.

Tara the android, was created by John Bergeron back in 2003 & 2004 with the inspiration of it appear on live performances. Bergeron programmed Tara to sing a song that he himself wrote and he indeed successfully sold a few copies of the full music video of Tara singing. The story, later on, is unknown.

It is 2019, still, many viewers on Youtube is traumatised, disturbed and don’t feel good after watching the creepy android singing.

After watching this video, I actually end up watching the 1987 Mannequin movie! Mannequin is a love comedy / pop culture movie about a mannequin turned alive in a shopping mall. It was actually quite fun watching. Just wondering why it’s not famous anymore and haven’t seen it shown on TV before. The ending credit song of Mannequin titled ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now‘ by Starship is actually one of my favourite love songs too!

IMO, Sophia The Robot is way better than this one. So what do you think of the video? Creepy or spooky?

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