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ครางชื่ออ้ายแน – Moaning Thai Song Went Viral

A friend just shared the Thai country music video of girl moaning. Guess what? It went viral within 24 hours and accumulated over 8 millions in just 1 week after sharing. The music video which is titled ‘ครางชื่ออ้ายแน (translated as Moan in English) is performed by ศรีจันทร์ วีสี featuring ต้าร์ เพ็ญนภา แนบชิด ท็อปไลน์ (Pennapa Naebchid) as female vocal singer. The music video ended surprising with ‘moaning’ sound.

You can also check out the short clip of the moaning ครางชื่ออ้ายแน video that went viral. If you are looking for a better version of the song, you can search in Youtube for its remixes done by DJs/ remixers. We also found one of the best remix so far that sounds good, you can check it out below. The song is also available on Spotify for listening. We have listened and reviews many Thai songs but found out this new song is kind of a new Thai style!

Below is the ครางชื่ออ้ายแน Remix Version that we have mentioned before, is so far the best remix for the song. Enjoy!

ครางชื่ออ้ายแน Parody Music Video

Recently a parody music video by Lydia Sarunrat Deane, a Thailand R&B singer also went viral.

You can follow the singer on her official Facebook.

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